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From Owner Courtney Summers:


Confidential Support Services, LLC has been a business dream of mine for over a decade. Over the course of my 20 years as a probation officer, the majority of my professional work consists of assisting those individuals in rehabilitation-mostly by addressing substance abuse and mental health issues using evidence based and best practices. During this time, I would routinely get phone calls from friends, family, and past clientele asking for help for family members or employees that are not involved in the criminal justice system. This is when I started creating the model for Confidential Support Services.

 I believe a more PROACTIVE APPROACH is needed for intervention-especially with the opiate epidemic and school violence. My goal  is to help fill the current gaps in the community between agencies and individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues. Why not help those individuals struggling before they get involved in the criminal justice system, or in worst case end up taking their own lives through overdose and suicide, or someone else's life? How can Confidential Support Services benefit you? Do you have a child that is struggling in school or might be getting involved with drugs? Are you a business that needs DOT/Pre-employment drug screening services, or case management services for a valued employee that might be trying to cope with addiction or mental health issues? Are you an individual in recovery, but struggling, and needs accountability? Are you a parent with an adult child at home struggling with alcohol/drugs and don't know where to turn? Confidential Support Services is here for you! 

Confidential Support Services, LLC provides drug screening services to assist in substantiating the clients are clean from alcohol and drugs. Our services are personalized, so we have a variety of testing options available. We also take it a step further, and offer personalized case management services based on the needs of the individual client. These include, but are not limited to, substance abuse and mental health referrals/monitoring, support group referral/monitoring, education &  employment assistance, critical thinking, social skills, problem solving, time management or any other life skills needed to achieve the short and long terms goals of the client. 


Owner, Courtney Summers


Courtney Summers is a proud graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington.  She received a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology, along with a Certification in Business from the Kelly School of Business. 

Courtney started her career as a probation officer in Monroe County right after graduation  from Indiana University but then took a job with Hendricks County Probation a few years later. Courtney has been a probation officer for 20 years, in which most people know her as Courtney Sacchini. Most recently, she received the 2017 Probation Officer of the Year Award before leaving the Hendricks County Probation Department. 

At the beginning of 2018, an opportunity presented itself, and Courtney Summers decided to take a leap of faith to start her own business. She has been dreaming about Confidential Support Services for over a decade. Working as a probation officer presented ideas on how to use her extensive training and knowledge in addictions, mental health, problem solving and life coaching skills on a different level to help those outside of the criminal justice system. 

As of today, Courtney continues to work part-time as a probation officer for Judge Charles E. Hostetter at Brownsburg Town Court, which she has also been a part of for over a decade. 

Courtney Summers is a dedicated probation officer, and a new business owner,  striving to not only serve the community of Hendricks County but other Central Indiana communities . 

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